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Ron V. Rodriguez, founder of Innov8energy, Benefit LLC​, is a passionate advocate of protecting the environment.

Supreme Court to Review High Stakes Clean Water Act Fight

The Supreme Court is set to take up a critical debate over the scope of federal water protections.

The justices today agreed to hear what amounts to the biggest environmental case of this year: a dispute over which types of pollution discharges trigger the Clean Water […]

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Top 10 Best Selling Fully Electric Vehicle Brands In 2019

Following up on the “Top 10 Best Selling Plug-In Vehicle Brands In 2019” article, this one is for Electric Vehicle purists. If you missed the intro in that one, we recommend reading it. Otherwise, let’s jump into the forecast for the best selling fully […]

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These Countries are Leading the Charge to Clean Energy

The Earth is edging ever closer to a point of no return, with a joint statement issued during the COP24 climate conference calling for “decisive action” on climate change within the next two years. Most nations have taken on the challenge to […]

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Consumer Demand Drives Record Year for Wind Energy Purchases

The numbers show a great year for American wind energy and power for 2018.

AWEA’s U.S. Wind Industry Fourth Quarter 2018 Market Report reveals that consumer demand combined with policy stability and low, stable prices helped wind power capacity installations rise to the third […]

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Wood Mackenzie Predicts Global Offshore Wind Capacity To Increase Sixfold

Global offshore wind power capacity is expected to increase almost sixfold over the next decade according to a new report from Wood Mackenzie Power and Renewables, growing from being deployed in only 7 countries at the end of 2017 to 18 countries by 2027.

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