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Ron V. Rodriguez, founder of Innov8energy, Benefit LLC​, is a passionate advocate in the movement for solving climate change.

Clean Energy Jobs: A Big Reason Midwest Should Love Clean Energy

From wind power maintenance to energy efficiency upgrades, clean energy jobs outnumber fossil fuel work in much of the rural Midwest.

Wind turbines have become a familiar part of the landscape in the rural Midwest, and with them have come jobs, income for farmers and tax […]

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1M Electric Vehicles in the US to Combat Climate Change

Speakers at an event celebrating the milestone also noted electric vehicles could play a large role in the fight against climate change and carbon emissions.

There are now just over 1 million electric vehicles (EVs) on the streets of the United States, but to add even […]

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Climate Change Report Drives Maryland Lawmakers To Take Action on Clean Energy

Maryland General Assembly members are urging their colleagues now more than ever to pass a bill next session to increase the state’s clean energy use.

The recent push comes in the wake of the federal […]

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New York Announces $250M Electric Vehicle Corridor, DC Fast Charger Rollout

New York has developed a set of statewide, broad-scale initiatives aimed at boosting the adoption of electric vehicles, including the development of 200 150 kW DC Fast Chargers (DCFC) in more than two dozen locations along major traffic corridors and at JFK Airport.

New York, like […]

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