Trump Administration Expands Oil Drilling Despite Shutdown

Trump administration expands oil drilling despite shutdown. Interior department continues processing permits and moves forward with controversial plan to increase drilling in the Arctic. Weeks into the longest US government shutdown in history, many important government services have been paused – but the 

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Next President Could Declare Climate Emergency. GOP Fears

Republicans are increasingly concerned that President Trump’s threat to build a border wall by declaring a national emergency might be repeated by a future president who sees climate change as an existential danger to the United States.

A number of Republicans, including Sens. John Thune of […]

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Bill Would Require Study of Highway Projects’ Greenhouse Gas Emissions

A rookie Montgomery County lawmaker is proposing climate legislation that could also take aim at Gov. Lawrence J. Hogan Jr.’s plan to widen three major Maryland highways.

Del.-elect Vaughn Stewart (D-Montgomery) plans to introduce a bill he’s calling the Transportation Climate Accountability Act of 2019. It […]

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Transportation Planners Sketch Out Vision for Region-Wide Bike Trail Network Through 2045

Transportation planners are sketching out a vision to build out a fully connected regional bike trail network by 2045, linking a “Bike Beltway” around D.C. to the rest of the suburbs surrounding the capital.

The Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments’ Transportation Planning Board voted late last month […]

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Impact Of New Redskins Stadium On River Health

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan announced that he had made a tentative deal with the Trump Administration to secure land for a possible new Redskins Stadium on the bluffs above the Potomac River, just south of D.C.

“Can you imagine the Redskins stadium on ‘Monday Night Football,’ […]

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