When It Comes To Planet-Warming Emissions, The United States Is At A Crossroads

Emissions from electricity generation have seen an overall downward trend in recent years. But emissions from transportation stubbornly continue to balloon, as Americans keep favoring big gas-guzzling cars.

The power sector has gotten some help. The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, a cap-and-trade system […]

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Restoring Forests May Be One Of Our Most Powerful Weapons In Fighting Climate Change

A new study finds that restoring forests by adding 2.2 billion acres of tree cover would capture two-thirds of man-made carbon emissions.

Allowing the earth’s forests to recover could soak up a significant amount of humanity’s greenhouse gas emissions, according to new research.

The worldwide […]

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U.S. Mayors Voice Support for Climate Change Related Resolutions

The mayors of hundreds of U.S. cities called on Congress this week to pass legislation to put a price on carbon emissions, citing the financial and social strains their communities are already experiencing because of climate change.

After some contention, they also voiced opposition to any […]

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