Democrats say President Trump Agrees to $2 Trillion Infrastructure Package

President Donald Trump and Democratic congressional leaders agreed to work together on a $2 trillion infrastructure package. The dozen Democratic lawmakers in the meeting with the president called it a constructive start. They said Trump agreed that infrastructure investments should go beyond roads and bridges […]

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Building Out the US Offshore Wind Supply Chain

The U.S. is home to some of the world’s largest offshore wind zones and most ambitious targets. What does that mean for supply chain investors?

Over the past two years, states along the U.S. East Coast have announced increasingly ambitious targets to build offshore wind projects.

In […]

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Militaries Try to Adapt to Environments Reshaped by Climate Change

Highly efficient air conditioners, LED lights and power meters will be used alongside weapons of war at an upcoming NATO exercise.

Military officials from 29 countries — including the United States — will test whether energy efficient equipment and hybrid diesel-solar power systems can […]

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