Maryland General Assembly members are urging their colleagues now more than ever to pass a bill next session to increase the state’s clean energy use.

The recent push comes in the wake of the federal government releasing a 1,656-page scientific report detailing the climate and economic impacts U.S. residents could face if drastic action is not taken to address climate change.

The Fourth National Climate Assessment (NCA4) was mandated by Congress and compiled by 13 different federal agencies. The White House released the report on Black Friday.

The NCA4 goes into detail about how climate change will affect each region of the United States. For the Northeast — which includes Maryland — warmer ocean temperatures, sea level rise and ocean acidification threaten coastal commerce, tourism and recreation.

Some Maryland General Assembly members say the report underscores the importance of moving toward an increased use of clean energy. Next session, legislators will propose the Maryland Clean Energy Jobs Act — a bill that, if passed, will increase Maryland’s commitment to renewable energy use.

Read the full report from the Salisbury Daily Times.

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