Last week was a dreadful one for humanity. There’s no nice way to put it. There was a hate-filled mass shooting in New Zealand (and the resulting social media blowback), malfunctioning airplanes, more Brexit madness, a college admissions scandal, a political stalemate in Venezuela, saber-rattling in North Korea and way too much dysfunction in Washington, D.C.

Okay, so maybe all that passes for “normal” these days. Dreadful nonetheless.

Even on the environmental front, the world’s nations came together to make their first global commitment to cut the growing use of single-use plastics — but the United States blocked efforts for bold action. Sigh.

There was one bright light — more than a million of them, actually — that deserves further illumination:  the youth climate movement. School kids in more than 120 countries skipped classes to protest grownups’ inaction on climate change. More than 1.4 million youth by some accounts, in more than 300 cities from India to Indiana, took to the streets with a message in more than 40 languages: Take action now or risk their future, and ours.

It was a harsh rebuke of my generation, and probably yours, too.

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