U.S. Green Groups Ramp Up Legal Attacks on Federal Oil Leases

Green groups are taking aim at U.S. drilling leases.

U.S. environmental groups fighting fossil-fuel development made headlines years ago with public demonstrations against big pipeline projects including the Dakota Access and the Keystone XL – only to be steamrolled by President Donald Trump’s executive orders to […]

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Major Oil Companies Commit to Carbon Pricing at Vatican

VATICAN CITY (AP) — Some of the world’s major oil producers pledged Friday to support “economically meaningful” carbon pricing regimes after a personal appeal from Pope Francis to avoid “perpetrating a brutal act of injustice” against the poor and future generations.

The […]

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Maryland Clean Energy, Transportation Bills Set Stage for Thriving, Low-Carbon Economy

In May, Gov. Larry Hogan announced that he would allow two key clean energy and transportation bills to take effect. The bills will help unlock a Maryland clean energy future.

Alarming new data and careful scientific studies reiterate that we must take bold and immediate action […]

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US Wind Moves Ahead With Maryland Offshore Wind Energy Project

Baltimore-based offshore wind developer US Wind Inc. has signed an agreement with EPIC Applied Technologies for the installation of its Meteorological Tower. This marks a key milestone in what will eventually be one of the nation’s first commercial-scale offshore wind energy projects off the coast […]

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Solar and Onshore Wind Are Cheaper Than Fossil Fuels

A new report published by the International Renewable Energy Agency has found that 77% of onshore wind projects and 83% of utility-scale solar PV projects set to be commissioned in 2020 will be cheaper than the lowest fossil fuel-fired generation prices.

The […]

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