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What is Energy Choice?

Businesses, nonprofits, and other organizations have the option of switching from the electric and natural gas utility to a competitive energy supplier in deregulated energy markets. The utility remains responsible for power reliability and for guaranteeing power delivery (by maintaining the wires and pipelines), as well as billing.

Competitive energy suppliers provide the electricity and natural gas that serves the customer. This electricity and natural gas can be “green” by adding clean energy – such as wind power or carbon offsets – to the mix and it can often be less expensive than utility pricing over the term of a contract. Many of our clients enjoy significant savings, incredible marketing exposure, and recognition for their green efforts.


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Discover choices in your energy. Businesses can exercise their options on electricity suppliers and the prices they pay while supporting wind power!

Businesses often struggle to obtain the most effective and cost-efficient gas procurement strategy and solution. There are several options available. innov8energy can provide an array of solutions, including securing the best negotiated transactional rate with carbon offsets.
Solar energy continues to grow as a viable economic and practical way for businesses and organizations to achieve their sustainability goals, and control their electricity costs. There are many questions that businesses ask when trying to determine the feasibility of solar energy. Allow innov8energy to help navigate you!

Demand Response can be combined to offset your overall energy costs. For businesses able and willing to curtail, or reduce, energy use in response to various grid conditions, Demand Response program can deliver revenue and energy offsets while helping to minimize the risk of sudden disruptions on the power grid.